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Born in Kuala Lumpur, raised in Suffolk.  She recalled her grandfather's illustrative career - fascinating to her in early childhood.   As Millar Watt was still making a living and both her parents working she was often parked in another studio with instruction from her grandfather or aunt, towards a project of drawing, painting or making something, often from a giant pile of recycled materials conserved for just that purpose within the house.  All manner of architectural models, puppets, hobby horses and household repairs were enabled.


Art was relegated for many years, and Louise did not attend art college until her late 30s, her first degree was in business.  She tended to work small, in case anybody noticed, and even exhibited with the Society of Miniaturists at Westminster Hall in this period.   She painted her first oil  Flowers for my Father with a starter set of six paints from her parents.  The painting was exhibited locally and in his East Anglian Daily Times review, Colin Moss wrote of a powerful potential in her painting.                                                                                            

Whilst working in London, she attended evening classes towards a diploma in visual arts at London Metropolitan University, where tutors Nigel Oxley and Nico de Oliviera greatly emphasised drawing.  At her final show she exhibited some of the abstract work that would become more interesting to her.  Further evening classes towards a Visual Arts degree at Chelsea College of Art & Design followed.

Working in her spare time, she lent towards design often incorporating calligraphy.  She found work with a collector of modern art in London who benevolently, gave her a day off in the week to practise her art.  After time spent abroad and away from art, she has once more resumed her practice.

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